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Outstanding CAD to BIM services from MagnasoftBIM
September 12, 2018
CAD to BIM – A Complete Construction Transformation

Outsourcing BIM services is a major asset for the AEC industry.  It garners major benefits…

From Construction to Facility Management – Core COBie Yield

Construction professionals are using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange)…

MEP consultants
MEP consultant
BIM Company
MEP Engineering Services
MEP engineers
September 2, 2018
5 Ways MEP Consultants Can Create a Solid Road-Map For Your Construction Project

Individuals from various projects and trades can leverage the power of MEP consultants to build…

Derive Essential Data from BIM with Facility Management
Data Drives Data: Importance of BIM in Facilities Management

BIM is transforming the building process for design and construction with information rich models and…

A Scan to BIM Approach
August 9, 2018
Learn How Non-Destructive Technology Makes Renovation Easier – A Scan to BIM Approach

Visually impressive BIM models can be created for renovating any structure through non-destructive technologies like…

Advantages Of COBie For Effective Use Of CMMS
July 27, 2018
Advantages Of COBie For Effective Use Of CMMS

Introduction to COBie COBie is a uniform way to organize construction project information and is…

July 24, 2018
LEED vs. BREEAM: Everything You Need To Know

LEED vs. BREEAM: Which is the Best? LEED and BREEAM are construction project (these majorly…

top 5 BIM organizations in India
July 19, 2018
Top 5 BIM Organizations in India Get the Best Out of Construction Projects

India has got many construction enterprises that provide BIM services, but not everyone is proficient…

as built bim modeling
July 19, 2018
Productive Modelling & key information flow with As-Built BIM Modeling

Introduction to ‘As-built models’ As-built BIM is the record drawing and documentation shaping deviation to…

top 5 tips for construction management
Top 5 tips to make Construction Management Invincible

Construction Management (CM) is a skilled service that makes use of some special project management techniques…